Pastor Wallace Wasson

Senior Pastor

Pastor Wallace was raised by his grandmother, as his mother was quite young and struggled with addiction and incarceration.  Being the only male in the house and the only person of color at home and in the community, he presents a unique perspective and compassion to those who battle with self awareness and finding the true identity of Christ.  

Sal Gonzalez

Executive Director, Accelerating Staffing

"Creating a positive, memorable experience for EVERYONE- employees, clients, and customers alike- is extremely important to me.  We are committed to putting people back to work, while spreading God's message of love- and that's truly a wonderful thing."

Ruben Baca 

On-Site Assistant Supervisor/Accelerating Staffing

"I am so grateful for this ministry and I'm blessed to be a part of it's loving and giving to those in need.  From the prayers in leading those to the Lord, helping with food, housing, and work, to just giving an ear and a hug, or a shoulder to lean on- I love being a part and partners with a Pastor whose dreams are doing the Lord's work.  Thank you, God, for Accelerating Ministries and for the pastor and his family."

Alice Morgan

Oceanside Location Manager/Children's Ministry

"Since coming to Accelerating Ministries, one of my joys has been working in the Children's Department.  They are all my children in the Lord and I enjoy teaching them the grace and power of God's Love!  I learn from them as well."

Gwen Jackson

Riverside Location Manager/Accelerating Staffing

James Tardy


"I was introduced to Accelerating Ministries through close friends and family members, Pastor Wallace and Wilbert Jones.  Through the ministry I have grown closer to the Lord.  I have been a member since the beginning."

Gregory Amy

Field Coordinator/Accelerating Staffing

"I came to Accelerating Ministries seeking employment in 2008.  As soon as I recognized the direction and vision of Pastor Wallace, I made a conscious decision to stay and dedicate my work to the Lord and join the family!"